Parsons' Pony Farm 
Florence, Montana         established 1994   

 Parsons           Ponies 
   are perfect
      for kids!


Hand led pony
rides are
available from April 1st
to Oct. 31st. 
Wed. through Sun.


All rides are by reservation only.


PonyWood Forest 

This ride takes about  20 minutes.

  The young cowpokes  can choose from among five different trails.

They should be sure to say the magic word to the bridge troll and look for the famous
Grandpa Trees.

  Pony Pond Meadow

This ride takes about 50 minutes .

  It  includes a PonyWood Forest Trail  and a scenic  trail  through the pasture meadows.

  We'll have a close up view of the fish- filled Pony Pond, and we'll toss out some trout chow to see if they surface. 

 From this trail, the young cowpokes will likely see all 
of the farm's
horses and ponies.  


Parents are welcome to hike along on any trail, or they may decide to relax
   at the shaded          picnic tables.   
There's even a hammock in the summer months! 

 The ponies also  travel to off site events such as:
birthday parties, family reunions, grand openings, and others.  
Off site ponies start at $125.00 for an hour with three ponies and
a wrangler.

Safety is our
 first priority.
(having fun is next)
ll riders are helmeted,
fitted to stirrups,
and hand led.


We love living here; we think we've found the gold at the end of the rainbow.


You can keep up with the ponies' activities  on  


 There is no age limit for pony riders, but there is a 100 lb. weight limit for riding the ponies except for big beautifulRoanie.
   Roanie is a red roan section B Welsh pony standing a mighty 12.2 Hands.  That is about 50 inches at the withers.  
He has  easily and  safely carried
riders up to 140 lbs.                     Here Roanie is showing off his furry winter coat. 
    The friendly gentle ponies attend about 30 birthday parties a year.  They also work at Farmer's Markets and the Missoula Corn Maze.  
    The generous ponies donate rides to many  local non-profits each year
   One of the favorites is the annual Ravalli County  Relay for Life for the last 
 20 years!
        This cute rider is crossing over the troll protected bridge into magical
PonyWood Forest
The three of us will continue to the Choosing Tree where the lucky cowpoke can take her pick
from among five color coded trails through the forest.  The ranch dogs like to go through the forest with us where they each have a special rock to jump up on and survey the forest.  Look for:
 Rowdy's Rock  -  Pintler's Peak  -  Buttons' Boulder

                                                        A  happy trio of cowpokes on Frosty, Sassy, & Milly, returns  from a PonyWood Forest ride.  If you look closely you'll see little Buttons, a favorite farm dog, trailing along.  Sometimes we have walking races on this straight section of the trail.  Other times we pretend to be drill team riders and ride patterns all the way home.  
    Riding is by reservation; contact the farm by email or phone.  
                                     (406) 273 3363
         Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.  
      Happy trails to you, keep smiling until then
           1952 song lyrics by Dale Evans (Roy Rodgers' wife)
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