Parsons' Pony Farm
Florence, Montana         established 1994   

Sassy posed at the Daily Mansion with a cute little g
irl in costume.

Sparkle, a dark bay color with a white star on his forehead, took a rider trotting.

Roanie is making friends with a sweet grandma.

Star has a cute blond forelock
(bangs) and a white star on her forehead.

Zorro is enjoying being hugged while wearing his Halloween bows.

This cute cowgirl is smiling big because she's riding Milly.  

Molly sometimes dresses as a rare black unicorn.  

Prince was wearing his St Patrick's Day boys when he was hugged by a sweet little girl in the Missoula mall.  

The young ladies with capes are as pretty as the fancy Jenny pulling her cart in a parade.

The handsome  Frosty, wet after a bath, is drying out tied to the fence.  He really  wants to be loose!

Does Wally have a  runny nose?  Maybe it's just his unique blaze.

Kimzey is a really pretty steel grey with one white stocking.

Kelty is leading a small grazing herd.  They all LOVE grazing.

A happy rider on Frosty is waving at the camera.

Kelty, Milly, and Star are looking over the fence, anxious for dinner!

Sparkle was in a pony show once; he looked really fancy!

 Jenny enjoyed taking the Grand Marshall through the Florence High School parade.  The school colors are maroon & gold.  

Molly met Superman out in PonyWood Forest.  

Milly's rider is "branding" a tree in PonyWood Forest.  

Can you tell it's Star?  Her forehead star is covered with her unicorn

Look at Milly's beautifully braided mane, and all dressed up for a parade.


Most of the Parsons Ponies are Shetland ponies, but four of them are Welsh ponies.

  The Welsh ponies are taller and heavier.  

See if you can guess which four on this page are Welsh ponies.

Parsons' Ponies range in size from
the tiny but mighty Zorro
to big Wally the Wonder Pony!
Read the clues on the right and see if
you can name the pony in each picture.  
Some ponies are pictured 
more than once!
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