Parsons' Pony Farm
Florence, Montana         established 1994   

The fantastic forest is full of fun!  See if you can guess where each picture was taken by reading these clues:   

There are many magical grandpa trees.  Laughing Grandpa Tree has an extra big mouth.  

     The Kissing Grandpa Tree blows you a kiss at the end of your trail.  

Sometimes a pony posse of three patrols PonyWood Forest.

   Farm dog Buttons, is tiny but mighty and always wants to go with the PonyWood Forest riders.

When you leave the barnyard on the way to PonyWood forest, you pass a good picture spot: the pony buckboard.  

 Grandpa Buck Tree  has cute buck teeth.  

  Grumpy old       Mr. Troll guards the bridge into the forest.  

Riding in the forest starts with riding your pony over a bridge.  (Be sure to say the magic word to Mr. Troll!)  

Milly pony really likes the forest and she got bored  tied to the hitching rail when it wasn't her turn.

 It's pretty in the forest.  Sometimes we just stop and admire it with a trail partner.

To choose a trail select a color from the multihued Choosing Tree.  Then ride on to find the rest of the trees that match.    

If you look  at just the right time, you'll spot Mr. Troll's hut.

Some of the Grandpa Trees,  are hard to see.  These two sharp-eyed riders are pointing at a grandpa who barely shows.   



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